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Stupid Things We Say

Wow, today I said something totally amazing. I was looking at my friend’s (JR) family photo on his computer desktop. We began talking about this, that, and the other. Somehow it was brought up that it was SR’s grandfather and that he was 94. My comment was, “That’s a pretty long time to live. I wonder if my grandmother hadn’t of died, if she would have made it to 94”? Almost instantly I realized what I had said and had a good chuckle. Got poked fun of by JR a little and all it’s made the day go better.

To those reading my blog: What things have YOU said that made you laugh?



Caffeine Allergy

Could it be that my physical problems over the last several years have been caused by an allergy to caffeine.  If caffeine is an accumulative poison to the brain, how is it reversed (or if).  While I contemplate this and what to do with this blog,  check out this site to read more:

If you get bored, how about my other blog:

If you have any suggestions about where I should take this blog, please leave a comment.



I’m currently shipping some stuff at work and bored silly.  Work area’s pretty silent and depressed right now.  Reminds me of the move: “Joe Versus the Volcano”.  Oh well, big sigh, I’ll be caught up soon so that makes me feel better. 🙂