Wow,  I can’t believe it’s been since September since my last blog on this site.
I have been very busy, recently, at work.  We’ve had quite a few projects this month and everything seems to have been turned into an “expedite”.

Church is okay.  I’ve been quietly waiting for God to move.  I haven’t seen anything, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.  People seem to be forming little groups.  This seems to be the practice everywhere I go to worship.  You want to join in and be helpful, but if you’re not “in” then you feel guilty if you approach someone.  I hard do that anyways.  When it comes to relationships, I am more of “watcher” than a “participater”.  Oh, if I see someone needing help, I offer a hand.  I have no problem with that.  Most of the time I’m waiting to be of use.  I tire of feeling useless.

I am also heartbroken lately concerning my friends.  I hope I haven’t worn out my welcome.  I was on a friends site, who shall remain nameless since they read this blog periodically, but they were stating how on Monday everybody had something going and couldn’t find anyone to do anything with.  In my heart heart I’m waving my hands say “hello, over hear”.  I even call them just about every day this week and have yet to receive a return phonecall.  This leads me to questions.  These questions include:

1.  Am I truely this person’s friend?  I know they are my friend.
2.  Have I been selfish, and ignored this person’s needs?
3.  Is God pleased with the way I have treated this friend?
4.  Did I do something wrong to deter my friend?
5.  Was this person just doing their “Christian Duty” by befriending me?

I will be thinking on these things this weekend.  I know that I will not bother my friend.  Maybe if I keep to myself, this will improve things.

While I’m on this self-examination mode, I’m wondering what has happened to the people I work with.  One person is grumpy.  The other is hovering over me pointing out ever little mistake I make.  One person that I thought was talking to me for awhile is so stressed out they are hardly talking to anyone.  That leaves one guy that is making any kind of effort to befriend everyone.  Needless to say that during the coarse of a working day, I have maybe one or two conversations per day and those are usually work related.  Work is becoming less and less joyful and becoming increasingly unimportant in the grand scheme of life.

The Circleville Pumpkin festival is the weekend.  We will probably go on Saturday with the kids and get some pumpkin fudge and pumpkin donuts.  I was going to try a footlong corndog, but ther are going for $5 a piece.

Just thought I’d post a few things that are weighing on my heart.