Well everyone,  my home PC is in a coma.  I decided to switch back to XP after finding my install CD.

Installation started out normally and it appeared to have installed correctly until the first reboot.  When I rebooted, I tried to go out onto the net and download updated drivers for all my hardware.  I was unable to connect.  I’m thinking “great,  just need to do a release and renew on the ipconfig command and everything will be fine”.  Well everything is not fine.  I think it has a lot to do with the Compaq Bios.  It wont recognize the drives unless I set them for Unix style and the second time the image install it would lock up with no graphics even in “safe mode”.  It’s never done that before.

I have a few options.  When I get home I will try to physically disconnect the secondary hard drive.  I will also check and clean the CD.  I know it has a little stain from when I wrote the information on the CD and it hadn’t dried yet.  I am also going to see if my old system’s problem might be the power supply and not the motherboard.  I would love to have that system back. It may have a slower processor, but the 133mhz vs  66mhz ram speed would make up for that.

Beyond that, I will just have to play around and hope that the image “catches” and works correctly.  I will write again if and when I have been successful or admit defeat.