Yes, I am up at 3:30am with acid reflux and hating every excruciatingly painful minute of it. I’ve been up for about a 1/2 hour now and it’s starting to subside. Before heading back to bed, I’ll be taking some Advil to try and deaden the pain in my throat. Actually, Carrie suggested I try some cough medication to releave the irritation as I was having some severe coughing fits. I also took my reflux medication that THAT I FORGOT TO TAKE THE LAST TWO DAYS,

This time it was pretty rough. Had some difficulty breathing and there was a lot of stuff happening in my esophagus. I won’t go any further than that as it would be T.M.I (too much information). As I wrap up this post before heading to bed, things have quieted down. There is just a little wheezing in my breathing. Other than that, and the pain in my throat, I am feeling much better.

I know, not my best post. Not even something I sure you want to read, but that’s who I am..

On a side note (and later post) I have Kubuntu install and it is running well. I will evaluate it and report back what I think.

Until next time……..