I get home this evening, and sorting the mail, when what do I find? My free Ubuntu cd! I may have to order a 2nd cd with Kubuntu as that’s the flavor I’m currently running. I don’t even know if I am done playing OS roulette yet (as my friend RW puts things).

What’s on the horizon? I have a DVD of OpenSolaris coming and I’m in the process of downloading FreeBSD. What I would really like to settle on is OSX, but that won’t be for several years at least.

Then there’s the Vista question. If I do stay with one of these other operating systems, It will be a huge departure since 1992 (?) when I left the Atari scene and before that I had a Commodore 128D, 128, 64. I cut my basic programming teeth on a C64. I’m not convinced that Vista is the end all to beat all they try to market themselves as. However, I have all these games that I’ve built up over the years. Nothing new, but definitely some that are nostalgic to me. PacMan, Flight Simulator, Total Annihilation, and Descent 2 just to name a few. Since I’m into this new phase of open source software I do not want to have to buy yet another program just to be able to play a few old games. Maybe I’ll be able to find a few game conversions or maybe Wine will actually work. I just don’t want to limit my entertainment options. Everything else I do on the PC is up to standard with what I did on the Windows system. Just a few things I’ve be thinking on sporadically.

What do you do with your computer? What OS are you running? I look forward to your answers……