For those that haven’t heard the news, Jerry Falwell – Pastor passed away today. I for one found the news sad. Did I agree with 100% of what he said? No. At the points that mattered most, that Jesus is Lord and Savior and you need to accept his sacrifice and offer of eternal life, he was dead on (no pun intended). This is also what we will be judged on. We will also be judged according to every word that comes out of our mouths (either idle or productive) so he, I, and you will be judged accordingly.

Jerry did make an impact in our family. He was one of my dad’s favorite preachers. I personally don’t remember too much of specifics or sermons, just impressions mainly. Enough to know he was sincere it what he preached.

I lost some respect over the teletubbies comment and even more about the 911 comment. I am wondering what has happened to our trusted evangelical preachers lately. I don’t believe they truly set out to deceive or make such strange claims. Could this be part of end times prophecy? I don’t know and I don’t want to judge them either as I don’t relish being put in a position of being judged either. All I can really do is be vigilint and careful of what I listen too and filter out that which is not Godly.

In closing, I pray and hope that Jerry was right with God/Jesus and that I will meet him in heaven some day and have a conversation with him. He’s run his race and now he’s on the other side of eternity.