Switching up on operating systems again.  I’m back to Ubuntu 7.04, but with a twist.  Several months ago, I thought my computer had gone belly up and so I put it in storage and pull out the Compaq AMD 600mhz system my sister had given to me.  It’s been my working system up until yesterday.

Yesterday I got the bright idea to try a different power supply.  Of coarse I didn’t switch everything over immediately.  I had just the system board, cpu, and power supply.  I was hoping I’d get the traditional 3 beeps that happens whenever the system doesn’t have any installed ram.  To my delight, I heard 3 beeps! Soon I had all the AMD parts switched over and  fired up the system, the fans roared to life, the starting BIOS beep, did so, then NOTHING.  Just running fans.  Checked all my my connections, same thing.  So something told me to swap the keyboard.  Bingo!  System comes up to BIOS configuration screen.  No cd rom detected even though two were installed.  Hmmm.  I looked at the front and both activity lights on both drives were pegged on.  So I reached into the system and put the jumpers back onto “cable select”.  Fix #2 was completed.  Final thing to do since all the hardware was working correctly was to install Windows XP.

So from power-off I booted to cd.  Then all I got was a black, blank screen.  Nothing I tried would bring it to the familiar blue dos configuration screen.  At this point, having nothing to lose, I thought about Ubuntu.  So, again from power-off, turned on the system, selected boot from cd.  Long pause later, Ubuntu booted up, I selected install, and the rest is history.  I still don’t understand XP.  I tried 2 different install cds.  I also checked for scratches, etc.  Please email or comment here if you have any explanations or suggests.  I have some things I need to do on XP and I can’t get VMware or Qemu configured properly either.

That’s where the current state of my system sits: Intel P3 533mhz Cpu, 256mb ram, 50gb hard drive, 1 dvd player, 1 cdrw, Geforce 2.   So I can picture my friend R.W. rolling his eyes and saying “no more!  stopit!”  I agree, but rest assured it will happen again.  It’s times like this I learn the most about computers.  I’ve learned more about XP in the past 2 weeks than I have probably all year.