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Car Woes

What is it with me and cars?  The wife’s car will not start.  I took the car to AutoZone because of a problem it was having.  Turns out the alternator was only putting out .6 amps and should have been putting out between 60 and 70 amp.s  No problem replace it.

Well, the first day, it took me 5 hours to remove and replace
the alternator, but the belts needed adjustment.  Called a friend.
John said he would come and help. Between the two of use we got the belt on.
We found out that the person that helped me last time, didn’t use the
guide pin and the tension arm was on crooked eating a hole in the engine.

After getting the part on, tried turning it over.  No good. Engine is spinning,
but doesn’t act like there is any gas there.  Who knows?  I’m looking into it.

No money to repair it either. Wish we had that $1000 emergency fund
that Dave Ramsey always talks about.

This points to deeper issues going on in our lives.  These are just symptoms.
My earnest prayer is that God leads me to someone who can help and
“mentor” me (even though I’m 40).  Someone I can confide deeply in
and knows God and his heart to steer me.

I guess we should never taken a chance and come to Columbus.
We should have stayed in Cincinnati.


Paxil progress report

I ended up having to go up to 15mg for a week. This was 1/2 the dosage of 30mg I was on.  Cold turkey just didn’t work.  I was loosing emotional control and hot/cold didn’t feel good.  Severe nausea and dizziness.  I’m fine now at the 1/2 dose.  In a couple days I will be bumping down to 10mg.

So not the greatest news of I went cold turkey and made it, but at 1/2 dosage, and feeling more clear headed than I have in months.

I am extremely happy.

No Paxil – 72 hours and counting

Columbus, Oh.

After being on Paxil for several years. I’ve decided to not take it any more.
It was an extremely low dosage anyway.  It’s been 72 hours now.
Last year I tried and never got past, I think. 23 hours without a panic attack.
This time it is different.

Day 1 – Went very well.  No noticible difference it being on or being off.
Day 2 – I had a severe migraine, dizziness and tight forehead feeling
Day 3 – So far no headache, no tight head.

I still have mild dizziness whenever I’m not sitting or laying down.

I also feel a little giddy on the happy side.  No fear, no panic though.

Right now I guess I’m a mixed bag of nuts.  If the dizziness goes away,
I will feel better mentally than I have in years.

I do not wish to go back to that dark hole again.

I praise GOD for this awesome breakthrough!!!!!

PS> Still haven’t found a daytime church we can go to yet.

July 15, 2007

Elsmere, Ky.  ->Fort Wright, Ky.  ->Cincinnati, Oh. ->Columbus, Oh.

 I had a semi-relaxing weekend.  I went to Northern Kentucky  to try to help my dad get his computer running.  I attempted to install Windows XP 4 times in a 1 day period.  Received several different errors. One was a memory management error with a blue screen of death.  There was a “out of the box” error saying XP couldn’t load onto the hardware.  While formating the hard drive, there was a grinding noise between the 1 and 2% completion bar.  So coming back, I brought his computer system with me.  Hopefully I can track the hardware problem down.

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Being Green – Concerns, Kudos, & Projects

I’ve been studying the “Green” movement for some time now.  I frequent some of the more popular and some of the not so popular blogs that are on the internet.  For the most part, I feel like they are doing a good job a pulling people in by not being so combatant about issues.  I particular like before/after stories, how the author is doing it reports, and the forums that follow.  I also like how they tell of the joy of being “lighter”.

Being a born again Christian, I feel we have a responsibility to protect ourselves, our family, our neighborhood, and our country.  I do not feel we are “one world”.  There are forces out there that we are battling that are trying to wipe us out.  Both culturally and conventionally by war.  I also believe we will be individual countries at the end of time.  Read the book of Revelations.

My main concern is that this movement doesn’t turn into an “us vs them” fight. I’m also concerned that if these ideas (which I like if given the freedom to do what I want) make it into law that it will infringe on my rights.  This is a difficult thing to write because I agree with a lot. I want to do what I want to do even if harmful to myself or the environment.  It’s freedom.  Doesn’t mean I’d do it or that I’m even thinking of doing it, but I should be allowed to reap the consequences of my stupidity.  Anyway, that’s a long winded way of saying I have some concerns about the movement and politics being mingled together.

Lately I’ve been thinking about giving up television.  That’s the main thrust of  my main line of thinking.  I’ve been reading “No Impact Man” and “Kill Your Television” to glean ideas and maybe sketch out a project.  This will probably be the biggest/hardest thing I’ve ever done.  Simply because I am, admittedly, addicted to television.  I don’t remember a time when we didn’t have a television. The first cartoon I can remember watching was “Speed Racer”.  Television?  “Bewitched”  Back in the late 70s and early 80s I learned a lot of useless trivia, wasted time, and escaped from reality. There was some things, I learned.  I could have paid more attention to real people and learned the same things.

Now that I have two beautiful children.  I do not want them to become addicted to television either.  I’ve already on one occasion caught them staring wide-eyed at the television without blinking and nothing going on behind the glazed look.  Did *I* look like that growing up?  I have run up against some of the questions I have read about.  What do we do instead of television?

I should have a plan in place in the next couple of weeks.  If you have any ideas, please comment .  Thanks!

Some good news

Somethings have improved since my last blog entry. We are still looking for a home church. We do not want to get too attached because we have decided to move back to our home town area of Cincinnati, OH. We definitely have a church to go to if everything works out looking for a new job. If not, we will keep looking up here in Columbus, OH.

Some more good news: I still have my job. I found out that the client was under the impression that I was bringing back his PC in an hour. I never give my customers that narrow of an expectation. I usually leave it open ended. Like, “we will see what we can do. It’s typically an hour and a half unless we run into any unexpected problems (which we did with this customer) I get a call that my lead (JR) was called in to finish the call that night. However he worked it out with the client to work on it Saturday. Which the client agreed to. Customer was heading to Mexico on Sunday but never told my boss nor I. Looks like it will work out, but I’m holding my breath until after our monthly team meeting tomorrow.

Finally, the best news of all. I have no food allergies!!!!! I can eat nuts again and even shrimp. I’m having a little hard time adjusting to my new-found freedom. I don’t want to overdo it, but I’m excited about the possibilities and I usually have problems with a lot of excitement (yes, I’m on Paxil).

Church Shopping

The family and I are currently shopping for a new church to call home. Over the coarse of a year or so, ministry to others through the church has seamed to slipped through our fingers. There are some hurt feelings and a sense of loss. This has been our church family for about 6 or 7 years. Mainly, though, it’s feeling useless to those we love.

So, we are starting to look around Columbus for a new church. I don’t relish the thought, but it’s what I feel we need to do. We are Assembly of God and we will be doing a complete evaluation of beliefs for whatever church we decide to check out. We need to make sure that their belief system is in line with the Word of God. Size, location, denomination doesn’t necessarily mean much. Adherence to The Word does.

I’m praying God leads us to the right church. I hold no ill will or anger or anything like that against the people of our church. I would gladdly keep attending. Not growing and not making a difference in their lifes makes me think “what’s the point”. Maybe I can be of more use to someone elsewhere. Maybe someone will notice and make an attempt to right things, but at this point we are looking elsewhere.

So, if you know of a good church in the Bexley/Reynoldsburg/Groveport/Grovecity area let us know and also let us know what their tennants of faith are. Maybe we will show up there. We have a few ideas, but we don’t want to leave any stone unturned.

Also, pray I have a job tomorrow. Some things at work transpired that may get me fired. Just a bunch of unrelated things coming together at the wrong time. With a contract being negotiated, there is a very good possibility that the may let me go even though it wasn’t my fault.

Also have an allergist appointment to finally find out if I have any major food allergies or if I can readd some of my favorite foods back into my rotation of foods I can eat.

Take care and leave a comment.