I’ve been meaning to relate this funny incident for a few weeks now, but things have been crazy at work and I haven’t been feeling too well either.  Now seems like a good time.

I was grilling at home around the 1st week of June and unknown to me, Carrie switched the grade of meat on me with the cheap stuff.  No problem, just no heads up.   Well within 5 minutes I had 4 foot flames on the grill and  the burgers had shrunk to smaller than a hockey puck!  Any attemt to move them resulted in almost lost eyebrows or arm hair.  I was laugh so hard I was almost doubled over because of the reactions of the kids.

Next we were inside with our burgers ready to be eaten.  Carrie had made baked potatos for everyone.  She did, however forget she had hers still cooking in the microwave.  All I remember was seeing flames shooting out of the potato and smoke rolling out of the microwave!  To this day we can still smell the smoke and we also get a good laugh when we talk about.

Boring  (I know) for some people, but it was something funny I thought I’d share.  Besides, I promised a co-worker I’d post it.