My family would appreciate prayer. We are going through a financially hard time. A garnishment of $7000 for a car that doesn’t run is starting either this payday on June 6 or the next cycle on June 20th. We tried negotiations, we tried begging, and have done everything we know of for mercy.

We are not saying we don’t owe the money, we do, but the payment per month is going to be double what our loan payment was. We are not sure at this point if we will have enough to pay rent, eat, and pay for the other car let alone electricity, gas, etc.

A second job is probably out of the question since my wife would have to wake the kids to come get me where-ever I ended up working. Plus my body doesn’t handle extremely long days (16 hour shifts) for long periods of time (10 months). I will probably have to go that route if we can overcome the transportation problem.

Any prayers would be GREATLY appreciated. I know that God works miracles and that is what we need now. If you have any creative comments or suggestions, that would be appreciated too.