The family and I are currently shopping for a new church to call home. Over the coarse of a year or so, ministry to others through the church has seamed to slipped through our fingers. There are some hurt feelings and a sense of loss. This has been our church family for about 6 or 7 years. Mainly, though, it’s feeling useless to those we love.

So, we are starting to look around Columbus for a new church. I don’t relish the thought, but it’s what I feel we need to do. We are Assembly of God and we will be doing a complete evaluation of beliefs for whatever church we decide to check out. We need to make sure that their belief system is in line with the Word of God. Size, location, denomination doesn’t necessarily mean much. Adherence to The Word does.

I’m praying God leads us to the right church. I hold no ill will or anger or anything like that against the people of our church. I would gladdly keep attending. Not growing and not making a difference in their lifes makes me think “what’s the point”. Maybe I can be of more use to someone elsewhere. Maybe someone will notice and make an attempt to right things, but at this point we are looking elsewhere.

So, if you know of a good church in the Bexley/Reynoldsburg/Groveport/Grovecity area let us know and also let us know what their tennants of faith are. Maybe we will show up there. We have a few ideas, but we don’t want to leave any stone unturned.

Also, pray I have a job tomorrow. Some things at work transpired that may get me fired. Just a bunch of unrelated things coming together at the wrong time. With a contract being negotiated, there is a very good possibility that the may let me go even though it wasn’t my fault.

Also have an allergist appointment to finally find out if I have any major food allergies or if I can readd some of my favorite foods back into my rotation of foods I can eat.

Take care and leave a comment.