Elsmere, Ky.  ->Fort Wright, Ky.  ->Cincinnati, Oh. ->Columbus, Oh.

 I had a semi-relaxing weekend.  I went to Northern Kentucky  to try to help my dad get his computer running.  I attempted to install Windows XP 4 times in a 1 day period.  Received several different errors. One was a memory management error with a blue screen of death.  There was a “out of the box” error saying XP couldn’t load onto the hardware.  While formating the hard drive, there was a grinding noise between the 1 and 2% completion bar.  So coming back, I brought his computer system with me.  Hopefully I can track the hardware problem down.

On the way back home, we stopped by an open house my mom had for a property that someone else is selling.  She is so nice to help others out when they need her.  I was impressed by her professionalism when we did a walk-thru with other customers looking at the house at the same time. We picked her up and met my wife and kids for dinner at Ohio Deli.  I had the Rubin and chips with iced tea.  Mom had the same thing with water.  Dad had open faced roast beef.  Carrie had grilled ham with mashed taters.  Mary had a huge bowl of chicken noodle soup (homemade) and Mark had a grilled cheese with fries and pickle.

Everyone seems to have missed me while I was gone.  I could have stayed another week, but I have to work tomorrow.  I am in the process of redesigning our network.  I have been reading a lot on Greg Lehey’s site (http://www.lemis.com/grog).  His sight is extremely plain, but I keep going back to read more.  I will be implementing some of his web ideas into this blog.  You may have already noticed that I have posted the location I am at the beginning of this blog.  That’s his idea. Not mine.  If you’re reading this, Greg, thanks!

Greg lives in Australia.  He has written several books about FreeBSD.  The fourth version is free as a PDF file.  I suggest checking it out if you have an interest in learning FreeBSD.  After I fix my dad’s system, I plan on installing a 10gB hdd that a friend from work gave me (Thanks Rae), and putting FreeBSD.  I am also in the market for a cheap ($10-$20 or free) USB enclosure.  This would be useful so I wouldn’t have to keep taking my personal PC apart to play/experiment.  If you know someone, or are giving one away yourself, post here to let me know.

Someday I would like to get a new PC.  I would also like to  create my own web server, and learn how to build my own website.