Columbus, Oh.

After being on Paxil for several years. I’ve decided to not take it any more.
It was an extremely low dosage anyway.  It’s been 72 hours now.
Last year I tried and never got past, I think. 23 hours without a panic attack.
This time it is different.

Day 1 – Went very well.  No noticible difference it being on or being off.
Day 2 – I had a severe migraine, dizziness and tight forehead feeling
Day 3 – So far no headache, no tight head.

I still have mild dizziness whenever I’m not sitting or laying down.

I also feel a little giddy on the happy side.  No fear, no panic though.

Right now I guess I’m a mixed bag of nuts.  If the dizziness goes away,
I will feel better mentally than I have in years.

I do not wish to go back to that dark hole again.

I praise GOD for this awesome breakthrough!!!!!

PS> Still haven’t found a daytime church we can go to yet.