One holiday, Thanksgiving, and one to go in 2007.

I have been meaning to do a post for a while.  I have quite a bit to say, but every time I log into to make a post, it all leaves my mind and I feel a little overwhelmed. How can I not sound like I’m always complaining, but at the same time use this media as a way to de-stress?

I’ve debated about shutting down the blogs and removing all the materials.  Just as I’m about ready to do so, I don’t.  I have a friend in Northern Kentucky who is doing podcasts and is getting ready January 1, 2008 to do so full time as a career.  I thought maybe I was being drawn in a similar direction.  I was interacting with my friend and the podcast community,  my interested were starting to change and it just seemed natural to go that way.

Over the coarse of several months, I’ve devastated to the  point I am taking things day by day.  I haven’t been able to plan for the future because whenever we do, then something bad happens.  Cars are breaking down or getting garnishments placed against them.   Money is scarce because of the gas prices and increased energy costs coming this year.

We are, however, still moving forward with moving back to the Northern Kentucky area.  There is nothing left for us in Columbus.  The kids will adjust quickly since they’re young and we will be closer to family.  All it will take is a new job to pop into my life and it will be settled.

For a small update for what few readers I have: I’m not exeriencing any more Paxil withdrawal symptoms.  I have stopped at 10mg and will stay there for a while before attempting to decrease again.  The car (Carrie’s) is still running fine after getting the gas pump fixed.  My car is still sitting in the parking lot.  After the garnishment concludes (late 2008 early 2009) I can take it to a junk yard for scrap and start all over again.

Well, there’s an update for you.  It may be a while again before I post again, if ever.  Don’t be surprised if  you look someday and my blogs are gone.