I know it’s been a while since my last post.  Been moderately busy since March,  but not so much that I couldn’t have posted.  I know 50 lashes with a wet noodle!  Computer was down for a little bit of that time. My 19in CTX monitor gave a last gasp  and quit on me. Went through 2 other monitors until Jim from work was kind enough to give me an extra he had lying around.   It’s not the best in the world, and I have to look away often to keep from getting eye strain, but I’m thankful (beats nothing) and some day we’ll be able to get something nicer.  I’m going to look into fixing the CTX myself.  I used to work for a company called Resource One in Grovecity for about 3 months and they taught me how to repair the NAPA dumb terminals which is basically a CRT with a network card and keyboard.  Hopefully I will be able to fix it, give Jim back his CRT, and delay the need to purchase a new monitor. Although the 22in LCD widescreens are looking pretty sweet right now, but I digress.

The job hunt is going slowly. We were hoping I would already be in Cincinnati by now and Carrie finalizing moving. Then when school let out for summer, the three of them would be coming down.  <BIG SIGH> That apparently didn’t happen, so we are re-evaluating our goals. We know if/when it’s right, God will move us.

No change on the status of the Infiniti G20.  Still sitting in the parking lot. Hasn’t started in 1 year 2 months now. The thing will finally be paid off around the beginning of next year when the garnishment will be done.  We should also have the Monte Carlo paid for by then and will start looking for suitable transportation for me.

We are starting to do more outdoor activities since the weather broke a few weeks back.  We found a local lake that is part of the “Three Creeks Park” metro park. While Carrie was at Nationwide Arena volunteering for the “Women of Faith 2008 Conference”, I took Mark and Mary for a little afternoon fun.  They had behaved so well for me in the morning, I wanted something fun for them to do.  We started the morning with waking up and taking Carrie to the Arena. Then we proceeded to McDonald’s for a good breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon.  Went home for awhile, then about 1pm headed to Arby’s for lunch.  After lunch went to Carrie’s work to drop off they paper recycling. We are trying to make the last Saturday of the month drop off day.  Then after that we went to the park.

While at the park, we walked the whole perimeter of the lake. We stopped briefly on the far side to sit on the grass and watch people fishing.  Mark was concerned they weren’t going to catch anything because of the shark in the water.  Took a while to explain there was no shark in the water and everything would be okay.

When we returned to the car area, we notice a guy flying a kite so went over watched him for awhile. He did pretty good.   Our day ended when the conference did and had to go pick Carrie up.

I’ve been wanting to do more grilling, but silly me left the gas on and it was depleted next time I went to start it.  I had just filled the tank like a week prior.

To finish post up, I want to say hello to some long lost Airforce buddies of mine Anton L. Petersen and David Taiz.  Hey guys!  I’m so excited about finding them after all these years.  I found David last month and Anton just a couple of days ago.  More on them to follow in later posts (if they don’t mind).

I also found Neil White, but he hasn’t returned my email to confirm it was him.  He lives in Arkansas, and they just had some recent tornadoes so I’ll try again in a month or so.  He works for Fedex down there so won’t be too hard to locate.  I hope it’s him and we can catch up as well.

People I’m still looking for if anyone out there knows where they are or how they are doing:

Jason Cook -> Sugarland, Tx -> RAF Woodbridge 1989
Rita Koch ->  Fort Collins, Co. -> University 1993
Paul Duke -> Oregon -> Keesler, AFB 1987
Jeffrey Elward -> New York/Pennsylvania -> Keesler, AFB 1987

Again, guys, it would be great to reconnect.