Okay, so I have a couple of theories about LOST I would like to explore.

First is the possibility that they are all in a computer generated world similar to the worlds of TRON, The Thirteenth Floor, Vanilla Sky, Total Recall.  Did I forget any?  I know there were three previous TV shows that are similar that could have taken place in a computer, but were hazy in that they never revealed one way or the other wht the truth was.  Those three shows are: The Prisoner, Nowhere Man, and more recently: Life on Mars (BBC show being remade in USA)

With this type scenario, the smoky monster would be the antiviral application scanning people for possible removal.  The echos would be people in the room monitoring Flt815 and commenting.  Their audible voices could seep through into their reality and that’s how they perceive them.  The purpose of the virtual reality would be to allow the people with issues to work them out harmlessly and then once they “work out” their problems they are brought of the computer world. From the person waking up it’s just that.  From the perspective on the remaining people, it would look like they were killed.  Only issue I have with this scenario is that it could mentally screw up the people staying behind giving them more issues to work out.

I’ll have to post my second theory next blog entry.