This may be my final LOST theory post until the new season arrives in Jan 2009.  I may make a couple, but don’t want to set up any expectations.  Work is kind of hectic right now, thus the delay in this post.

So what do I think now that we’ve seen the 3 part season 4 finale.  I loved every minute of it.
I haven’t seen anything that would contradict my previous theories.  If anything, my speculation has been strengthened.

The only thing that I may reconsider is that instead of Annie and lover in the cave, it could be Amelia Earhart with her co-pilot. Everything, so far stands.

I now think that the timer had something to do with the wheel that moves the island. Maybe it discharged the build up and when Desmond turned the key it locked it in place and the ice was there to keep things in check.

A friend brought up that maybe Widmore turned the wheel in a previous incident and that’s why he isn’t on the island. Also they think the polar bears in Tanisa has something to do with the wheel.  It’s interesting that if you take the numbers, and put them into Google Earth, it puts the island in about the right place of where the island should be.  Now if you go through the earth, it brings you out in Tunisa.

I think Jin survived, but I am in a small minority.  I will hold out hope for him.  Problems that have to be overcome, though, is how to get back to the island. Speaking of which, where are Daniel and the little boat?  DId they go with the island or are they stranded in the Pacific?

Who killed John Lock?  Did he have to move the island and be forced to leave?

Finally where, or should I ask when, is the island? Could it still be in the same place, but different time?  Say maybe 5 years in the future?  I hope the writers don’t keep us guessing for too long.

This is probably my shortest, jumbled, post on LOST. However, I really don’t know what to make of things quite yet.  I need more information to make a better guess of what is going on and THAT is the real fun behind LOST.