Tonight I will be working on shifting my computing platform back over to XP.  I have been playing around with Linux for almost a year now (Ubuntu, Kubuntu (3&4), Suse, PCLinuxOS 2007) and have seen no practicle use in switching to it 100%, yet.  I’m sure, if history is any indication, I’ll be back in about a year.

There are just too many things I still do in Windows that are still very slow and frustrating in Linux.  This time around, however, I noticed that things are improving.   I am still frustrated with application installation and also with interacting with other machines on my home network.

Applications are getting better.  What is Open Source on XP can now be found as Open Source on Linux.  However, things like Genealogy, Games, and Financial Apps are still pitifully absent.  Give me Quicken (or Money), Family Tree Maker (or My Heritage), and tons of popular games on a P3 and I’ll switch back.    I’ve tried the Open Source versions and they just aren’t there. A nice touch would be Gtalk or Trillian for Linux.

So, until later, take care Linux!