Decided to give Linux another try.
I think part of my frustration is with the current system I’m using at home.
Since the new Kernal release, I have been experiencing all sorts of graphics issues

KStars  -> Astronomy Packages can’t be installed due to 10 pixels wide install box.
Blender -> Starts up and in full screen locks up computer.
Chromium -> Appears to launch and then I’m back at the desktop
Stellarium  -> Everything works; control buttons are blank.

I have a couple of options here.

Install Window version with Wine.
Give up on Linux (again), tuck tail and run back to XP
Attempt to install and run Virtual Box.  Best of both worlds?

In all honesty, the computer industry, IMHO, is in a chaotic mess. Linux distros are running rampent. Windows, any flavor, is getting old with the patches, lockups and lameness. The only shining beacon right now is Apple and they are overpriced.  I just want to come home, fire up a game and play without worrying about what OS I’m running or why.  Think it was better back in the C64 days before the age of GUI.

Current frustration with Linux (besides the above stated apps) is lack of knowledge I have. Yes, it’s my problem and I’m working on it but not fast enough for my liking.  I did an update before heading for Canton this weekend and when I turned on my computer I was shocked. My Gnome installation had somehow transformed into KDE3.  How did I do that?  Sort of like KDE3, but I would have loved to be in the loop when my OS does something.

That’s my update for today. If you have any way of helping me fix my issues drop me a note. I am running PCLINUXOS 2008 Gnome on a Compaq Presario 4268 with 256 MB Dram, Athlon 600Mhz and a GeForce 2 graphics card if that helps.