It dawned on my, last Thursday, that there is a numberical coincedence with the shows Lost and Fringe. That coincedence is the number 111.  How is  111 significant?  That is what makes Flight 627 the same as Flight 815 numerically.

You’re probably scratching your head and saying “I don’t get it”.  Then again, you may already figured it out.

Here’s how I arrived at my conclusions:

Take Flight 627 and reverse the digits so it becomes Flight 726
Next, take the digets 111 and use them to minupulate 726.
To do this add 1 to 7 and you get 8
Next subtract 1 from 2 and you get 1
Finally subtract 1 from 6 and you get 5

See it now? Flight 627 = Flight 815

Hope you had fun with this.  There are numerous other similarities I could look into, but I will leave them for a future post.