I am sorry this that this is my first blog post of the year and it is a frustration that I needed to vent.

Why is it, when people self-publish to the web, they don’t take the time and include the date the article/blog/entry/whatever was created?

This is becoming increasingly frustrating when doing research. That is one reason I like blog sites like wordpress, myopera, blogger.com, etc. They automically will post the time and date after the article is published. If I repost something, or update the information, I try to post the original’s publication date in the body of the article.

Maybe I’m just being too picky, but I’ve gone through schooling that drilled into us the importance of punctuation, grammer, and completeness of our work. Not only for effective communication, but also as a reflection of our education.

Yes I make mistakes, but I’ve seen a huge increase in bad (as in spelling, not content per se) literature. So if you see errors in my postings, let me know. If you post articles, double check your work. It will cut down on a lot of frustration.