I Just read that on March 1st of this year that Netscape Navigator is no more.  

Netscape Navigator was one of the first browsers I ever used.  It may have even be the first, but I also remember using a browser named mosaic, so I am not sure which browser was first.  It was a very good browser until Internet Explorer came along and was so far ahead at the time that i switched (until Firefox came out).  I did try Opera when it was still banner ad driven if you didn’t pay for it.

Now I use multiple browsers. I have the five major ones: IE8, Opera 9.61, Firefox 3.1B1, Chrome B2, Safari 3.02.  I have tried, and liked Flock 2b3, but just couldn’t stand putting another browser on the computer.  So what is the best one?  I haven’t a clue.  I bounce around between all.  Right now I’m writing this blog with Google Chrome, I usually read my RSS feeds with Opera, Safari rarely use but enjoy the speed. IE8, it’s there to test the new builds.  There is no clear cut winner yet.

I will not really miss Netscape Navigator too much. From a sentimental perspective, though, It will retain a spot in my memory and maybe someday I will think about it some more.  

R.I.P. Netscape Navigator.

For the official announcement, click this: Link