Voted in the primaries today. Finally decided on who to vote for, even though I know hardly anything about them. I plan on learning more by the time the election rolls around at the end of the year. I may end up not voting for any of them as my worldview is beginning to change a little and things of this world take on less meaning compared to the realm of the eternal. I am also meditating on a few things I may or may not blog about in the future regarding voting and Christianity.

Earlier today I had to pick up Mary because she picked up a cold somewhre. She was running a temp of 101. Nobody was available at Carrie’s work to pick her up, so I took off work 1.5hrs early without pay. Just more incentive to find something better in Northern Kentucky.

Made some progress with the downstairs cleanup. Organizing can take a long time. Yet another item to blog about.

Getting bored ready my boring blog? Check out this guy named Greg Lehay. I came across on the internet while looking for Unix/Linux information: I enjoy his posts quite a bit and recommend his site.